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St-Michel since 1880

Being one of the eldest coffee roasters in Belgium, there's no surprise that St Michel Coffee is the coffee provider for all businesses. St Michel can guarantee all of her efforts, experience and expertise will go into finding the perfect coffee solution for you.

Our motto

'Stronger together' means exactly that. We firmly believe that by working together, supporting each other, encouraging new ideas and appreciating hard work creates the best outcome for both staff and customers.

Satisfied customers

Having open and honest communications with all our customers ensures for strong relationships. We take the time to make sure we fully understand what each of our customers needs are. We know that every business will have different needs.

Product range

A range of products specifically designed for the needs of the specialty coffee retailer.

Whole bean

Our whole bean coffee is as fresh and full flavored as it looks. Buying whole bean coffee means that you are buying coffee in its absolute prime that is ready to be ground to create an impeccable coffee.

Filter coffee

Filter coffee, also known as drip or brewed coffee. The method of filter coffee involves pouring water over the roasted coffee grounds to create a fresh full flavored coffee. It is a speedy and simple solution for coffee lovers.

Production unit

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